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Admin Application [ DENIED ]

on Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:32 pm
Full Name:Yakuza_Namikage




                                      Why do you want to be part of admin team? (3-5 Sentences):
Server R-P since 2005 when I was a little embarrassed and I hope you understand me and I promise to try and do the best with our people ... Smile
And since 2009, I already know about the rules and regulations of the server admin

I want to be part of the admin team to assist the players and to remove servers from hackers, and already the admin in SGRP and
I have some "experience" of the admin so
I want to help server admins who lack members I want to help the server in order to care for the players to invite roreplay
Umpteen From I Only That Only always participate in helping Admin in maintaining and Mapping server such as helping care for, help resolve / fix existing bugs, suggest something good for the server
Take a screenshots while RP(Roleplay)'ing:

                                                       people are very sorry, I stll themselves in the game as early as 24 hours: / there is no one there to roleplaying with him I want beroreplay to admins or to other players
Thank you very much
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