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SASD - Questions & Answers

on Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:11 am

San Andreas Sheriffs Department

Public Relations

The San Andreas Sheriffs Department wants to assist the public as best as they can. There for one of our goals within the department is ''Having and maintaining contact with the civilians of San Andreas'' .

In order to achieve this goal you can ask any questions you have for us in this section. We will try to answer your question as good as we can. You can ask us about for example: Traffic laws, The law, Permits, If we a sheriff or deputy is allowed to do something. and much more. You may also ask your question to one of our sheriffs when you see them on the street when they have time they will try to answer it. if  don't know the answer they will ask you to ask it here

We understand that sometimes you could have a complaint about SASD. In that case you can also tell us about that in this section and we will do whatever we can to solve it.

Questions and Complaint format:

Your name?:

Phone Number?:

Question or Complaint you have?:

[Place format as reply on this topic! We will answer it here and/or in game]


Do Not ask about your application this will result in instant deny of it
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