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Josh Atwood's LAPD Application

on Tue May 02, 2017 1:59 pm
In Character Details

1. Full Name: Hans_Frank
2. Gender: Male
3. Date of Birth: 30th March 1995
4. Address/Recidence: Los Santos
5. Why do you want to be a part of LAPD? As of today, as I am applying for the Los Angeles Police Department, I believe that I as a person have much to bring to the table for the team. I will bring a new code of honor, in my book, which appeal to these five words specifically: Loyalty, Honor, Commitment, and Respect. I have used these terminologies to help me succeed in my life, and I would love to share what I have learned, to make an effort to improve myself as-well as to this department.
6. Do you have crime records?: Yes, but it was a misuse by Jeffrey (idk the last name) from SASD but it got removed right away by Chief Gerald Perez
7. Do you have experience in the field of law enforcement? Yes, Government ((R8)) under Myself
8. How would you describe yourself? Allow me to explain myself in a detailed manner - firstly, I am a very unique person. I work smarter. Not harder. I am not the average man you know as your next door neighbor, but I am rather a man of action. And a man of action gets the job done and excels, rather than a man of words who only talks. I put effort into everything I commit to, even if the odds are against me, I will always try no matter what. It's all about loyalty, commitment, honor, and respect, in which I seek in my life. I believe with this five words, any man can get anywhere if supervised correctly.
9. Do you have all the required licenses ( Flying, Boating and Driving): Yes

Out of Character Details

1. Full Name: Hans_Frank
2. Age: 22
3. Timezone (GMT): +8 GMT (Philippines)
4. When did you join this server?: I'd like to take my chance and make this server great by doing my best in all that i can..
5. Why do you want to be a part of SAPD? First, I will bring loyalty. SAPD need loyal soldiers who obey orders. I will take any orders from my high commands and will respect anyone. I will perform my duties and won't hang around while on duty. I would like to give an example for my loyalty. Example is that I will do anything to defend the other people or the other soldiers. I will never do anything against the rules and will obey any single order. As I have a little bit experience, it might help to SAPD too.

6. How is your In Game activity? Nothing much, but i'd like to drive sometimes when i'm bored
7. What is your In Game level? 6 ((7 in the next paycheck))
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