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WestSide Pinoy Bloods History

on Sat May 06, 2017 10:50 am
The Westside Pinoy Bloods is solely an African-American gang, and started their reign back in summer of 2014, specifically around May. They’re mostly found on the West of Los Angeles. This group was formed by two African-American individuals, John "Jeproks" Kalashinov and Lucas "Frooz" Jackson. Frooz and Jeproks lived at the same neighborhood. Frooz parents died in an accident and Jeproks father takes full responsibility for Frooz after the accident involving Frooz parents. John's father is a gang leader of the gang in West Los Santos called WestSide Pinoy Bloods 123. At a young age, the two already know how to smuggle drugs and handle a gun. They have a childhood friend named Rowie"Flict"Miller. His father is a former member of WPB 123. Flict also knows how to handle gun and knows all kinds of guns at a young age since his father is a weapon dealer back in the day. Jeproks and Frooz started selling illegal narcotics at the age of 10 to afford something to it and so that they can afford gold chains. Westside Pinoy Bloods 123 is a criminal gang which was formed on West side of Los Santos in late 1980, by Luca's father. 8 years later they started a small gang named West Side Hustler. The gang worked for a car insurance scheme but the gang messed up and they all got caught in the process and arrested by the authorities. They recruited another Spanish-African named Jhay "Jo-Zay" Bieber. John and Lucas met Jhay inside the jail. Jhay is a toughest jail inmate inside their cell block. Jhay is arrested for frustrated murder, rape, possession of illegal firearm and narcotics. Jhay was asked by Lucas to join their gang while they were inside the jail. After Jeproks and Frooz got released from the jail, his father was killed after a rival gang executed a drive-by. His father was dead on the spot. After what happened, Lucas, John and Rowie started a new chapter of Westside Pinoy Bloods 123 named WPB 123. The 123 came from Luca's father name Eight5 to honor his father’s legacy. The gang consists of young to mid-aged individuals who had interests in handling drugs, informal drug distribution businesses and handling other inter-street disputes. Jhay contacted Lucas that he is down with the gang and decided to join.

Lucas "Frooz" Jackson purchased a large quantity of cocaine to distribute around his neighborhood. Lucas mostly does the work in handling their drugs distribution, and was considered the Kingpin of their gang for he was the one who had the general knowledge of the streets and also had a lot of connections within West since his father is the former Kingpin and was much known around the streets. John "Jeproks" Kalashinov is known for his strategic thinking. He is the one who manages the gang’s general activities, and decision-making. One of his jobs is to trick other drug dealers into their own trap. Jhay "Jo-Zay" Bieber is the muscle of the gang. He is responsible for getting the most of the gang weaponry such as second hand Glocks, revolvers, rusty shotguns and the other protection means, such as manpower, melee weapon, etc. Rowie "Flick" Miller is the weapon dealer of the gang; he also decides what gun to use because Rowie knows all kinds of weaponry. Lucas and his crew enjoy the new hustler life. At night, the gang is known for burglary, selling dope and robbing stores to earn much money that they can to afford to buy weaponry and illegal narcotics and sell those for higher prices.
Frank was the first youngster of W.P.B, he lives with his stepfather in a small apartment near the neighborhood. At a young age, Frank committed minor felonies such as theft and burglary. Frooz and Flict saw Frank getting beat up by his stepfather, they approached Frank and helped him with no hesitation as they see potential towards Frank. They offered him to hang out and represent Westside Pinoy Bloods in trade of protection against his abusive stepfather. Frank accepts the offer and he's now part of the WPB 123 as a youngin’.

Blood in blood out.
Must not be informant or a rat.
You must not give away information about gang such as radio frequency or the trap house location.
You must only call for backup when there is a serious threat.
A members must not steal from another member.

Avoid getting in trouble with admins.
Avoid using /b when in RP situations.
Avoid flaming another player.
Don't call for back up OOCly.

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