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Information: The District Court of San Andreas

on Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:31 pm


The District Court consists of two Divisions; Civil & Criminal and can be petitioned to hear cases, either by a certified Attorney or a member of a public.


* "Plaintiff" is the person, whether Pro Se or certified Attorney, that petitions the Court.
* "Defendant" is the person, organization or company that is called to Court following a petition.
* "Criminal Case" is a case relating to criminal proceedings, whether this is charges being challenged or the District Attorney bringing forth charges.
* "Civil Case" is a case relating to civil proceedings, whether a law suit is brought against a company or government agency.
* "Motion" is when during a trial, either the Plaintiff or Defendant request the presiding Judge to make a decision, such as a summary judgement based on available evidence.
* "Subpoena" is a request during a trial for available evidence, such as requesting an arrest record or medical history.


* The District Court shall not review a case relating to LAPD or LAFD, if it has not been raised to the State Agency's Internal Affairs.
* If you are disruptive, abusive or aggressive during the trial, then you will be removed from the court room and the trial may be dismissed or a summary judgement shall be made.
* Any supboena requests for information that are accepted by a Judge must be adhered to legally.
* If you are self-representing as Pro Se, then you may not be able to cross examine witnesses or evidence, but only present evidence.
* The District Court shall only reward a maximum of $50,000. However, any finances that have been lost may also be rewarded.
* ((You cannot namechange or CK throughout the duration of a trial.))
* ((Do not post on any of the threads unless you are involved in the trial.))
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